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A Rogue’s Choice: Episode 2, Part 4

Hey there! If you've just found your way onto this page, this is an ongoing story I am writing in…

Last chance for an awesome book bundle!

In a little less than a week, I have a GameLit/LitRPG book coming out on Amazon. But for one more…

My new series kicks off with Mistress of Thieves!

Hey! I'm so excited about this. I have wanted to write a story about a fantasy rogue/thief for ages. I've…

About the Author

Carrie loves coffee, cats, and adventures. When she isn’t writing or reading she often heads outside to enjoy the sunshine, rock climb, hike and explore. A Colorado native, Carrie lives on the Western Slope with her husband and daughter. 

Carrie has always had a passion for fantasy fiction and imaginary worlds. After many years spent working in game development, she left to pursue her love for creating books. 

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