Heart of the Empire release!

Heart of the Empire, the first book in my new series, The Broken Lands, launched this week. It’s done so well that I’m really not sure what to say! I’m writing this post in the evening two days after launch, and the book is currently in the top twenty best sellers¬†for teens across Amazon and the top forty among all fantasy ebooks. (It’s categorized in both the teen and adult categories as a fantasy novel appealing to all audiences but appropriate for young adults).

I’m so grateful to my readers who have made the launch what it is. Thank you!

And for anyone thinking you might check it out, here is a quick teaser:

She’s a rebel with forbidden magic. He’s been groomed for the throne. The fate of the Empire hangs on their star-crossed destiny.

Click here to check it out on Amazon! (Link for my awesome readers outside the US is here.)