Temple of Sorrow is live!

Happy to announce that my new GameLit / LitRPG book (first in the Stonehaven League series) is live on Amazon! Here’s a little blurb:

Relic Online is the hottest new full-immersion VR game out there, and Devon has been hired as a salaried player. Her only task? Push the creator AI to the limits of its creativity.

Sounds easy, right?

But when Devon logs in, her expectations shatter like an ice golem hit with a sonic blast. With zero skills and nothing in her inventory but pocket lint, she immediately runs afoul of a stone golem the size of an apartment building. The encounter does not go well.

And Relic Online is just getting started with her.

LitRPG (and GameLit) covers a wide range of books from the mainstream (Ready Player One) to the fringe (stories told from the point of view of a dungeon!). This one is a mix of cyberpunk, epic fantasy, MMORPG mechanics, and sarcasm. I really hope you like it!


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