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Heart of the Empire release!

Heart of the Empire, the first book in my new series, The Broken Lands, launched this week. It's done so well that I'm really not sure what to say! I'm writing this post in the evening two days after launch, and the book is currently in the top twenty best sellers for teens across Amazon and the top forty among all fantasy ebooks. (It's categorized in both the teen and adult categories as a fantasy novel appealing to all audiences but appropriate for young adults). I'm so grateful to my readers who have made the launch what it is. Thank you! And for anyone thinking you might check it out, here is a quick teaser: She's a rebel with forbidden magic. He's been groomed for the throne. The fate of the Empire hangs on their star-crossed destiny. Click here to check it out on Amazon! (Link for my awesome readers outside the US is here.)

Darkborn is live!

I'm so happy to get the final book in the Shattering of the Nocturnai into reader hands! This was the most exciting installment for me because it was the point I'd been writing toward since the beginning. You can get your copy here. I really hope you enjoy it! So what's next? It's always hard to say goodbye to a storyline, though I'm pleased with how everything concluded with this chapter. I really enjoyed writing in this world, and I'm not quite ready to be done with it. I'm working on the first book in a related series now, so look for that release sometime this spring! Thanks again for reading!

February 6th, 2017: Duskwoven release

Duskwoven, book 3 in the Shattering of the Nocturnai is live today! I'm really excited about where the series goes with this installment, especially the introduction of some new characters that were a lot of fun. I've been working like crazy to get these books out fast, and it's so rewarding to see people reading and enjoying them. Click here to head over to Amazon and check it out!  

Support for Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park

(photo credit A few years ago, I was lucky enough to visit Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park. On the longest night of the year, I stood on the crater rim and watched Kīlauea burning in the darkness. My interest in volcanoes turned to an obsession. That obsession spawned a glimmer of an idea. That idea grew until it became the fictional volcano in my current series of books. Simply put, without my visit to HVNP, my books would not exist. Here's the art my talented cover designer created for book 1:   With the NPS currently unable to speak (officially, at least) to the public and with a divided America questioning what we value the most, I'm donating to show my support to HVNP in gratitude for igniting my imagination. If experiences in any of America's national parks have inspired you, please consider doing the same! If you would like to support the parks in other ways, here are some ideas: visit your closest national park support the park's work with purchases from the visitor center/bookstore ask about volunteer opportunities advocate for the future of our parks Thanks for supporting your parks, and please spread the word! Carrie  

Shadowbound Available Today!

January 16, 2017: Shadowbound, book two in the Shattering of the Nocturnai series, is available today for Kindle and Kindle Unlimited users! Get your copy here: Shadowbound on Amazon. Thanks everybody for the support and interest in Nightforged! I hope everyone that has read it will continue the story with Shadowbound. Lilik has a lot of adventures, twists, and turns in store. I'm continuing to work hard on book three and will be releasing it next month. I hope to share book three's title with you all later this week!

Giant multi-author sale!

From January 10-14, I'm part of a huge sale. 70+ authors, all books are $0.99. I keep a pretty deep stack of books to read, but that's more titles than I can manage in any reasonable time. Click here to check it out and enjoy!

Welcome to Ioene!

January 9th, 2017: Hooray! It's launch day for Nightforged! Book one in the Shattering of the Nocturnai series is now officially available for Kindle (and for free to Kindle Unlimited users). Grab it here: Nightforged on Amazon. Not that long ago I was dreaming up Ioene and today I'm releasing the first book. I loved writing it and the adventure of getting it out there. I hope you all enjoy reading it!