Queen of Tricksters

Everyone Myrrh cares for is marked for death.

What—or who—must she sacrifice to break the curse?

An unstoppable killer is hunting Myrrh and her friends. Clutching tattered scraps of information that she received from a rogue who is now dead, Myrrh races to break the curse. Her best hope lies in unearthing secrets from the ancestral home of Glint, a man who holds power over both the city’s underworld and her heart.

Unfortunately, when Myrrh arrives at Glint’s mountain stronghold, an unexpected situation shatters her plans for a quiet investigation. The schemes of a power-hungry villain grip the region, threatening to accelerate her doom.

The shadow of long-forgotten oaths spills over the land and races toward Ostgard. Can Myrrh make the unthinkable choices it will take to stop the dark tide?

Book Categories: Chronicles of a Cutpurse and Fantasy.

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