Silent Queen (Novella)

A Shattering of the Nocturnai Prequel Novella

A mute, Leesa lived in isolated silence for sixteen years. But now she’s met Eron. Through an inexplicable ability, her beloved can hear her thoughts. At last, she’s no longer alone. A member of a clandestine renegade group, Eron hopes to free their city from tyranny. But he needs Leesa’s help to plant a note inside the ruling family’s home. It should be no problem; she works in the kitchens. Unfortunately, when her mistake instead leads to the renegades’ discovery, Eron is thrown in prison for life.

To free him, Leesa must earn the family’s trust. But when a rival family brings a disquieting magical figurine, backstabbing politics, and a shocking murder to the household, Leesa finds herself facing the same fate as Eron… Or worse, the gallows.

This prequel novella is set 300 years before the Shattering of the Nocturnai series.

Book Categories: Fantasy and Novellas.

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