Temple of Sorrow

Devon Walker has one chance to turn her life around.

A half-wit ogre, a legion of overgrown jungle beasts, and a power-tripping AI are trying to stop her.

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Fortress of Shadows

A giant telepathic parrot with a rather foul mouth, a horde of smelly goblins, and a tyrannical demon priestess… 

Welcome to Devon Walker’s “new normal.” 

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Cavern of Spirits

Devon has faced off with half-mad zombie frogmen, a demon war priestess, and a thousand-year-old curse.

But can she survive another attempt to cook dinner?

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Citadel of Smoke

Stonehaven League Book 4 continues the saga! Are you ready for a new adventure? Jump in now!

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Mistress of Thieves

A dark-alley murder, a web of lies, and an underworld romance.

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Ruler of Scoundrels

Someone—or something—is killing Ostgard’s thieves. 

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Queen of Tricksters

Everyone Myrrh cares for is marked for death. 

What—or who—must she sacrifice to break the curse? 

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Empress Of Rogues

The man that Myrrh loves has nine days to live.

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Heart of the Empire

She’s a rebel with forbidden magic. He’s been groomed for the throne. The fate of the Empire hinges on their star-crossed destiny.

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Rise of the Storm

Book 2: The Broken Lands Kostan reigns over an Empire in chaos. Savra pleads with Stormshard for forgiveness--and her life. Meanwhile, rumors abound. At the…

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Fate of the Drowned

Book 3: The Broken Lands The Empire is shattered. From the northern ice fields to the storm-battered coast, chasms gash the landscape. Hordes of twisted beasts ravage…

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Seventeen-year-old Lilik is gutterborn and sick of it. Done groveling to the tyrannical trader class and watching her family suffer, she is ready to be a hero. And the opportunity has finally arrived.

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Lilik is a survivor. After the disastrous expedition to the island volcano, Ioene, she is home with a warning. The malevolent tyrant, Mieshk Ulstat, is gathering devastating magical power. Unchecked, Mieshk will obliterate Kiriilti civilization.

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Cut off from her soul magic and held hostage by the Ulstats, Lilik plots to overturn the situation. Meanwhile, in a hideout deep in an abandoned mine, a bandit queen lives amongst mounds of treasure, sharpening her daggers.

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Lilik is on the warpath. Behind her, House Ulstat is a smoking pit. Ahead, Mieshk Ulstat wields terrible magic from within an impregnable fortress.

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Silent Queen (Novella)

A mute, Leesa lived in isolated silence for sixteen years. But now she’s met Eron. Through an inexplicable ability, her beloved can hear her thoughts. At last, she’s no longer alone.

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